FedTermX is a Mac front-end program for Federation 2. It is a native OSX application so will need a Mac with the OSX operating system. The program is simple to use and only takes a few minutes to download. Click here to read about FedTerm's Features.

Download FedTermX for Intel Lion OS X 10.7 Mac (1926K) v 1.1 dated March 19, 2012

Download FedTermX for PowerPC (3215K) v 1.1 dated January 11, 2007

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FedTerm Character Pictures

How to Install FedTermX

FedTermX Manual

FedTermX was programmed by Colin Watson, aka Filbert. Many thanks for all his hard work!

There is also a Windows version of the front-end, FedTerm. You can run Windows FedTerm on a Mac using an emulator - click here for details.